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Volcano on Mars




VOLCANO ON MARS | Sacred Technology
Volcano On Mars is the exciting project of Hanan Gorenshtin aka Volcano & Oshry Ben Simon aka Imagine Mars. In late 2017 after working together in the studio on their individual projects, the two began working around on ideas and talking about working together on a project that merged their two styles.
With individual careers, Volcano and Imagine Mars have both been consistently serving up the goods to the dance floor whilst evolving as a hot production team.
They have played on every continent and in almost every country, jumping every weekend from city to city. 





 OUTSIDERS | Sacred Technology
Outsiders is the exciting project of Haim Lev & Guy Malka.
Outsiders has been fast developing and their releases have been backed and supported by an impressive number of international artists with original releases and collaboration & remix tracks from the likes of Tristan, Symbolic, Laughing Buddha, Avalon, Electric Universe, Rinkadink, Burn In Noise, to name few. 





VOLCANO / Sacred Technology

 Volcano recognized as one of the principal profiles in the global Psy-Trance scene. Hanan Gorenshtin has established for himself a reputation as a demanded producer and charismatic DJ with a back catalogue of outstanding productions since Volcano debut in 2007. Since then he's been hitting the charts and become a priority artist for global psychedelic festivals & clubs around the world Hanan is also involved in another successful project, Vertical Mode (with Xerox) 

Vertical Mode





 Vertical Mode is the new collaboration force of 2 generations. On one side you have the veteran and much respected Moshe Keinan, better known as Xerox and on the other side the young and explosive Hanan Gorenshtien, aka Volcano. Together they form the ultimate alliance of the old school psychedelic experience blended perfectly with the new blood of progressive trance power. Each of their tracks possess a solid base of deep vibrations and ultra sonic laser shots, bringing forth a fresh start to a new way of psychedelic story telling. Vertical news include upcoming remixes by Astrix and Zentura , Vertical remixes for Sub6's Goa anthem 'D.T.N.F' and for Ace Ventura & Zen Mechanics mega hit 'Mind=God' and also amazing collaborations with the upcoming stars Symbolic and Darma.

Imagine Mars





Imagine Mars was established by the artistic inspiration of Oshry Ben Simon from Tel Aviv. The popular DJ & Producer who boasts over a decade of experience behind the decks with his unique view on Psychedelic Trance. His energetic performances, perfect for peak time dancefloors, are highly in demand, playing national and international gigs every weekend.





--DJ SET--


Radio show every 3rd sat of the month 9pm Trance Channel Canada, Ontario WWW.SINCITY.FM 

Music has always been in my life. I love to spread full power energy through music connecting as one. My dj sets are mix of various artists tracks who inspire me in psychedelic trance music. Big love to Volcano ,Talamasca, Imagine Mars, Azax, Bliss, Tristan, Avalon, Outsiders, Xerox, G.M.S, Raja Ram, Astrix, Ace Ventura, Vertical Mode, Sonic Species, Burn In Noise, and Mad Tribe just to name a few . I love psychedelic trance music. Am honoured sharing the stage with Volcano, Imagine Mars, Outsiders, Talamasca, 1200 Micrograms, Major-7, X-noiZe, Audiotec, Vertical Mode, Bizzare Contact its been a blast !!

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Plan B



DJ plan b is a regular feature of the Toronto psytrance scene, co-founder of Shakti Collective and the biweekly Why Not Wednesday events. Tomasz has been passionate about music since childhood and participated in many projects and bands in his native Poland. Upon arriving in Canada he continued to expand his musical knowledge and interests, discovering the magical sound of psychedelic trance shortly after the year 2000. Since then, Tomasz has become an accomplished DJ, playing at many festivals and events across Canada, US and Nepal including Eclipse, Harvest , St. Jean Basstiste, Space Gathering and Sacred Earth Festival. As plan b never fails, he always deliver psychedelic and groovy sound. 



  MYDÄ (live)

Affiliations: Techgnosis Records / IbogaTech / Undergroove Music


The Toronto based duo has been making waves throughout the prog-tech scene since their outset in early 2015. Not willing to stagnate, Amir & Mitchell are always finding ways to keep their sound fresh and not limited to any boundaries. The result is a unique brand of glitch-laden groove-heavy progressive contemporary techno, with just enough psychedelic attitude to win over any dancefloor. Their infectious sound has caught the attention of world-class labels like Iboga Records/IbogaTech, Digital Structures, Undergroove Music and Techgnosis Records.




 Daäna (live)

Affiliations: Techgnosis Records / Digital Diamonds / Electric Power Pole Records


In addition to having released his music on top-shelf labels such as Digital Structures, Techgnosis Records, and Digital Diamonds under the moniker Daäna, Amir is also one half of the infamous prog-tech duo MYDÄ. Amir's solo project allows him to explore and experiment with the deeper, more melodic side of the techno spectrum. His distinctive style of glitchy melodic techno explodes with vitality and color, all while keeping the dance floor experience in mind.




 Mythrophan (dj)

Affiliations: Sculpted Sounds / Space GOAt


Combining an old school approach to mixing and a deep-rooted musical intellect, Mythrophan has been rocking dancefloors for over a decade. Performing since 2008 and now a staple in the East Coast Canadian psytrance scene, his sets are known for taking listeners on a harmonically smooth, deep and uplifting journey. He plays a versatile range of mature psytrance, from minimal/bush progressive to deep/melodic twilight. You can also catch him spinning techno/tech-house, or creating his own rhythms as one half of the prog-tech duo MYDÄ.




 Aerodrömme \ Live set

is a vibrant duo project based in Toronto, Canada. The act was created in 2008 by Boris Kurtzman (aka DJ Shankar) and Steve Chan. Aerodrömme began as one of the most promising names in the Progressive Techno circuit. Over time, Boris and Steve have transformed their sound from a deeper progressive influence, to the more hypnotic/deep techno sound heard in their latest releases. They have an impressive discography, brandishing releases on labels such as JOOF Aura, Digital Structures, Slideways, Rheostatus, Frakture Audio, Baroque Records, Tribal Vision, Balkan Connection, Nuuktal, Oddsine, Techgnosis, TMM Records and Twisted Frequency. Over the years, they have received support from heavyweights such as Yuli Fershtat (aka Perfect Stranger), Black Asteroid, Chris Liebing, James Harcourt, Vegim, Luis Flores, Timo Maas, Danny Howells, and Tomcraft, just to name a few. Check out all of their releases at Beatport and Spotify.
As well as regular performances in Ontario and Quebec, their international performances have taken them to Australia, Isreal, Panama, Mexico, Columbia, Spain, Georgia, and the United States.  Aerodrömme Live sets are always packed with surprises, as they are always looking for innovative ways to incorporate music technologies into a set.  Whether it be iOS controllers and synths, analog hardware, drum machines or a Theremini, there is always something new to listen out for as they play to the crowd. 



 Label: Urban Antidote Records

“Neptunya” is the dark project of Tatiana V: a Slovak-Canadian born in the French region of Canada during the early 1990’s.

Her obsession with electronic music was present since infancy, as she was constantly encompassed by the evocative sounds of Chicago house, IDM, trance and ambient.

Alongside her devotion to these genres, Neptunya resonated deeply with black, gothic and death metal, industrial, grunge and horror punk. The latter influenced her greatly in relation to her current psychedelic style.

After some years of attending trance gatherings, Neptunya began her journey as a DJ in the late summer of 2016 while living in Portugal. Since then, she has graced the stages of the country’s most reputable clubs and venues and was signed to Urban Antidote Records in 2017.

Her raw and emotive sets have been shared with abstract crowds in countries such as India, Czech Republic, Canada, Portugal, Guatemala and soon the United States.

Her personal production style consists of heavy basslines, strong woody kicks, enigmatic atmospheres and rigorous leads, while her DJ sets exhibit gratitude to old school darkpsy pioneers as well as prominent modern producers. 

Quivering Virgin




Quivering Virgin - BLA / Techgnosis Records

Co-founder of seminal Toronto collective BlackLight Activists, Quivering Virgin's fingers have been in the psychedelic pie for over 2 decades. With an affinity for the techy side of the Trance world he has found a natural home working with Techgnosis Records.  His sets blend many different genres, harmonically glued together through hypnotic soundscapes and driving grooves. 

Sara Dopstar



Sara Jimenez aka Sara Dopstar is an all-round artist from Colombia, currently living in Montreal, Canada. Her polygonal creativity manifests itself through multiple ways, wether she is working with her visual arts projects or Dj'ing into the night to multiple crowds. You will find this experienced keen selector with many successful events on her path.

Inspired by Toronto’s underground scene, she first approached djing with the lower techno and tech-house BPMs.  She then started building her psychedelic collection that began the road to selecting psychedelic trance later in 2013.  Her sound smooths out the dopamine from your senses. Altered waveforms and visions take off, letting the tunes tell their stories. Influenced by progressive spiralling beats, harmonic melodies to deep rolling bass lines with the thrill of the dark side. Her energetic sets are well received by dancefloors everywhere she goes. Enthusiastic about keeping the psytrance spirit alive she is actively involved in the events planning & deco circuit around her but she still keeps herself close to the growth of her motherland psychedelic scene participating in the promotion crew, Aluna-pro. 

Her musical journey has brought her to different festivals & countries across the globe and these recent years have been crucial for Sara as a busy touring artist, joining Iono Music & Reversible Records as Label Dj, and working on her music productions as another creative outlet to explore. You can't wait to see what she's up to next ! 

Planet B




Anyone who's spent any time on a Toronto trance-floor has undoubtedly stomped along with Shakti Collective’s grandmaster psychonaut and dj Plan B. Planet B is the most recent electronic downtempo creation of Tomasz Pospiech’s decades-long musical exploration, incorporating live electric bass grooves from the lovely Marley O'Malley. Together, the couple takes the crowd on a sonic journey which seamlessly blends elements of psydub, ambient chillout, breaks, and cool jazz. They usually perform at festivals such as Eclipse, Harvest,Timeless, ORP Solstice and also indoor events in North America.





--DJ SET--

Minnafa (United Torch Productions) 

Valeria aka Minnafa is a Toronto based psytrance DJ. She’s been in love with electronic dance music since 1994. Romance with psytrance has begun in 2006, when she felt how valuable this genre of music was for those who preferred dynamic meditations to the ones that involve no movement. Being a passionate dancer herself, Minnafa is highly sensitive to the needs of those on the dance floor and always does her best to adjust her sets accordingly. Minnafa is an active member of Toronto's psytrance community, playing at events and decorating parties since 2011. She is also one of the masterminds behind United Torch Productions promo group, organizing and decorating psytrance events in Toronto and area. Read more here: 

Audi Etoffe



Acid Reign Productions

Burning up dancefloors and festivals nonstop. Toronto favourite and classic Velvet Underground resident DJ, Audi brings an intense blend of Psy, Acid and Rave. Audi's high energy mixes are not to be missed. Fresh off of more than 5 Mixcloud #1 Psytrance mixes, and voted Toronto's favourite Psy DJ by #Psyronto. Audi Étoffe is out to share his love of Psytrance with all of you beautiful freaks.   --  Audi Étoffe 



 Shankar started to DJ deep house in 1999. After discovering Goa Trance sound in 2002, he decided to change his style. His journey through psychedelic music took him from full-on psy trance through dark psy to a deep sound of hypnotic and psychedelic Techno Shankar is also a co-founder of Shakti Collective, a Toronto-based group devoted to promotion of quality progressive and psy sounds. Today Shankar is half of an emerging Techno duo, Aerodroemme. 

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Mammad AKA Monation & Mammadness 

Mammad has had a very deep and powerful connection to music from a very early age.  Bringing cosmic delight for all to unite in this infinite love and light! 

Dr Fuzz


 Dr. Fuzzz  - dj set 

(Bio Electric Healing) (Deeptastic)
Fuzail's interest in Psychedelic music began in 2006 which has led him to understand this unique Element of Sound in a peculiar way.
The ability of these fragments of Night music, that help in achieving altered states of consciousness and its quality to bend space and time has had a profound effect on his process of operating an d sensing these sounds.
His intention is to connect us all with the nature of our Universe which is an intelligent Living Entity with which we are in a relationship .
His focus is to create mediums and platforms for others to indulge in self healing through Forest, Dark Psy and other related parallels who hold more composure and promote Higher Intelligent Information to help us engineer new Versions of Ourselves. 



 NaiLiK (Grasshopper Recs)

Live Set

is the psytrance project of Kilian Johnson, a 23-year-old Canadian audio engineer and psytrance artist, signed with the Japanese label - Grasshopper records.
His journey started off years ago when he began to Dj, but soon after he realized what he really wanted to do was make his own sound. He then started his project in 2011 and slowly taught himself music production before deciding to enroll to study audio and sound design after high school in 2013. Around the same time he started audio school, his project was signed to Grasshopper Records and he made his first release on a compilation by Dj Hatta and Dj Hisrav, titled "Onkalo".
Ever since, he has been very active playing gigs and constantly writing new music and collaborations, making releases on some of the top labels internationally, including labels such as Grasshopper records, TechSafari, Digital Om, Antu, Blacklite, 24/7 records and more. His releases can often be found on the charts as he releases new music and exciting collaborations, as well as having made his own compilation at the end of 2017 titled "Blast Sequence" released on Grasshopper Records.
NaiLiK has had the chance to play at festivals and gigs such as Shankra Festival 2018 in Switzerland, Jungala Festival, Easter Vortex, and Altered States on his visits to South Africa in 2016 and 2017 and Genten-Kaiki Festival and Club AgeHa on his first Japan tour in 2016. You can also find him smashing parties all across Mexico and the USA. In his home country Canada, he can regularly be seen at parties such as Eclipse festival, St Jean Basstiste, Timeless Festival, as well as Orion NYE party, to name a few.
With a steady stream of releases, NaiLiK continues to evolve his sound, always trying to stay on the cutting edge of music production for his love of quality sound. The project continues to gain traction across the globe, and he has no plans of stopping soon!
IG: @nailik.psy 



Avro - Dj Set

 A Progressive Hard Trance DJ and producer from Toronto Canada, Keith Ryan (Avro) has been Into Trance since 1992 with Jam and Spoons Age of Love remix and has been listening to all types of trance ever since. He started to perform as a DJ at raves and clubs in Toronto throughout the late 90’s and 2000’s. Working on production since 2005, he has decided to come out and hit the decks again, only this time, with a more psy trance / progressive psy / melodic psy style and feeling.  



 Metalcraft - LIVE SET
 It was 1995 when Vadim Wein discovered Goa psychedelic trance, with tunes from Prana, Astral projection, X-dream and other mind-blowing acts from those times. It was then Vadim decided to be a part of this incredible culture. In the early 2000s Vadim inspired by the sounds of South African artists who produced trough and powerful twisted psytrance. Since then he has played in many parties across the country, with providing powerful Night psy style to the dance floor.
Today, Metalcraft is part of the Kaos Krew records and Dropland recordings Family
Which are focused on Nightfullon and Twilight sub-genres of Psyteance

Galactik Mind


 Galactik Mind - Dj Set - 

Soundwave Records - CosmosisProdMx - Soundwave Booking
Starting his career in 2008 as a DJ and producer of events under the label of cosmosis prod mx, currently 11 years of experience, he has offered us colorful events and Dj Sets with powerful beats that do not stop vibrating all the time, nowadays he has defined styles that have led him to be in different dance floors such as Psychedelic Trance & Progressive PsyTrance, from behind. This project is Juan Carlos. Original from MEXICO to collaborated in different events with artists of international and national level as: LOUD, HI PROFILE, AUDIOTECH INDRA, ZIKI, INTERSYS, PERFECT STRANGER, BLASTOYZ, MATERIA, GLITTER, UPGRADE, AVROSSE, AHMET SENDIL, POLLYFONIKA, ATTIK, ODDISEO, DJ DENDE, GENESIA, DJ OHM, PITCHRIDERS, DISORDER, DJ SHOVE, INTERACTIVE NOISE, AKOUSTIK, DJ COCO, DJ NOUS, AREN, IKKY and more to mention, is currently part of the SOUNDWAVE RECORDS label and is part of the team as manager in canada de soundwave booking.  

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Psychomania - dj set

 a son of a symphonic cellist and a craftsman, spent his formative years playing music in many forms. During his college years he studied electronic music production at BPM College in Haifa, Isarel. After moving to Canada DJ Psychomania started to spread his joy and smiles through Psytrance at multiple private and public events. At the present he mostly spins intense fullon, twilight and occasionally he dabbles in the darker psytrance. 



  YEMOJA - dj set
Born of sugar, spice and bass lines so nice,
Marley O’Malley has grown into a lover of psychedelic trance.
This passion has guided her to the stage and she enjoys bringing you groovy tunes.

— with Marley O’Malley. 



Sporadix - dj set

is a psytrance DJ based out of Ottawa, Ontario. Having had his first psytrance experience in 2007 he instantly found himself mesmerized by the sounds and complexity of the style. Having picked up DJing shortly afterwards in 2009, Kristian quickly developed a keen ear for the craft and discovered a natural talent for working a crowd. He is constantly in the process of honing and refining his craft, always seeking out new and cutting edge sounds to add to his already extensive repertoire of psychedelic electronic music. Sporadix is known for his high energy performances with a sound that can be described as driving, hypnotic and psychedelic with an affinity towards darker, twisted and otherworldly soundscapes.


Black Amber


  Black Amber - dj set

Black Amber's life long musical journey in 2016 finally lead him to the exciting discovery of hypnotic rhythms, mesmerizing basslines and otherworldly sounds of psytrance. Exploring the vast universe of sounds this genre has to offer Black Amber found best resonance with forest sounds and groovy, driving basslines that will make you want to dance. " 

Son Rai


Son Rai  - Dj Set  

Digital Alchemist  -

Son Rai (Voodoo Hoodoo Records - DarkPsy Portal/ Musiknote Productions)

DJ Son Rai (Dawson Raymond) discovered underground psychedelic parties in the 90s and has been a familiar face in the Quebec psytrance scene since then. lately getting alot of recognition for his blasting DJ sets at many raves and festivals spreading the dark psychedelic vibes in the nightime. In 2016 he Co founded the promotion crew Musiknote Productions and has been focused on the dark and forest sounds in his events
featuring local and international artists and djs in this genre.… 

Mathew Samuel


Live - Sitar