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 Agni 2017

Sep 29 - Oct 1 

Brrrrr was it cold!! So awesome you all braved the elements for our first ever festival -- good thing for the fires and incredible music to keep us warm!!!  with Ivy and Jay creating beautiful deco  --u were both amazing....and Pavel on the sound...Robert and Amanda on the lights our brother Cam handling the food - Rakesh wicked flyer - and Stu  with the fire show --with all ur help we actually pulled it off!! and what great Vibes and a good time it was!! We cant wait to c all u beautiful souls again!!


AGNI 2019




Vayu 2018 

Vancouver Feb 17  

Toronto Feb 24   


What a blast off Vancouver was -- Goa Pete, Goa Trance Mission, we cant thank you enough brother -such a good host and very professional u looked after everything for us and our guests showing us ur beautiful city and awesome people :) cant wait to meet again  -- Tashi u were incredible and thanks also to Electric Love was a pleasure to meet u all !! and much love to the waldorf hotel staff  -- hope to c u all in the near future!!     

And Toronto -- What a vibe!! we definitely sent our guests home reluctant to leave and anxious to return!! Thomasz, Shakti Collective, u da man!!  -- and Marley and all ur friends who organized and ran a wicked frikkin party!! while all we had to do was enjoy  --thank u :) -- and Justin for setting up acidmath booth -- Also Sound Xchange for such a kool venue -- and of course Sara Dopstar and Plan B for opening and closing such a great lineup --love u guys !! :)     

Everyone who came out to Vayu thanks for ur amazing vibes and love ....    




Jal 2018

Aug 31-sep 2

For those of us that made the drive what a party!!! thank u everyone who made it and everyone who helped make it a magikal weekend complete with a beaver and some bears!! (who apparently followed some of our psy family back to Ottawa and caused a little havoc! - even made the news :) ) Outsiders and Sishiva were amazing we are very grateful u blessed our event with extended sets of pure awesomeness!!! 

united torch deco .... wow! just WOW!! special thanks also to scott for the visuals and jesse for the sound ... amazing how u all work so well together very professional even through a torrential downpour u all held it together perfectly :)

stay tuned for Jal 2019 ... we are gonna do it even bigger and better this year with the help of so many wonderful people we added to our tribe we are already excited.... 




Prithvi 2019

Apr 20

WOW .... cant thank everyone enough for coming out for 420. 

ur vibe was so amazing 

thanks to Tron and NoFace for not only blessing us with ur music but for staying and dancing until the end and all the compliments about toronto scene and potential was really uplifting


Noj Nor , PlanB, Minaffa, Audi Etoffe, Sara Dopstar, and Mammadness 

u all rocked it 


Shakti collective, deeptastic (drum circle), united torch, and acid reign productions,

who all worked together so there was only 1 -420 psy party  and to help us to host this event  

and of course scott vj guy for visuals, and united torch for deco ...WOW WOW WOOOOOOOW....

Trip project cant forget u .... ever!!  u realy save the party :)

ian coker came through last minute for pictures and video.

and every other volunteer who made this work we love u all :)

see u in june 



3rd eye